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Christine Capshew - Center for Family CounselingChristine Capshew is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the Commonwealth of Virginia [2004], an Ordained Interfaith Minister [2008] and an Ordained Interspiritual Minister [2015]. Blending her education and experience together, she is passionate about empowering people to live fully into their potential. Christine has worked with children and families since 2000. She enjoys working with all aspects of families, focusing on couples work and parenting. Christine has an innate ability to understand the language of children and work with parents to foster strong parenting strategies that create strong foundations for their children. Most of us at times find the journey of life to be difficult, confusing, and challenging. Christine provides a safe space for people to share, reflect and grow within while offering supportive concepts or strategies. Her holistic approach is both gentle and direct.

Christine is married with five children. She enjoys spending time with her family and pets, powerlifting, and photography. Christine also enjoys facilitating trainings on attachment, trauma, and cultivating a prosperity consciousness. For additional information, please visit christinecapshew.com. Christine is a what do I want people to walk away with after they have left me? I want them to feel empowered to live fully into their potential, to break the barriers that have limited them to saying ‘yes’ to their highest potential.

Christine earned her Masters in Social Work in 2000 and became licensed as a clinical social worker in 2004. Christine is approved to provides license supervision to individuals who are in the process of attaining a clinical license to practice social work. Christine enjoys assisting people in discovering their true sense of personal power. Throughout her career, she has empowered individuals to overcome challenges while simultaneously attaining the needed skills and resources to support themselves and live into their full potential. Christine enjoys working with individuals, couples and families.

Christine has background in clinical social work and ministry provides a strong foundation for the work she does with people. My greatest joy is assisting people in discovering their true sense of personal power. This comes effortlessly for me as I deeply listen and journey alongside people, offering concepts or strategies that can support them. Providing a safe space for people to share, reflect and grow within, my holistic approach is both gentle and direct. As a professional in clinical social work, I am licensed, a member of NASW [National Association of Social Workers] and or professional counseling. I work with licensed therapists who may be looking to deepen their relationship with themselves and acquire skills that may enhance their strong clinical skills. I have enjoyed increasing people's awareness of mental health challenges through providing community based trainings on anger management, parenting and attachment theory and trauma.

Further strengthening my calling, I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister through The New Seminary and an Interspiritual Minister through New Vision Interspiritual Seminary. I enjoy providing inspirational messages to congregations and offering supportive transition services to churches without ministers. I am a skilled Visionary and have facilitated prosperity courses, intention (goal) setting workshops and provide spiritual counseling to people who are interested in fostering a deeper relationship with the Divine through embracing their unique individual power.


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