Tom Capshew, LCSW

Tom CapshewTom Capshew earned a Doctorate in Social Work (1998) and a Masters in Social Work (1995) from Florida State University. He earned a Juris Doctorate from Indiana University (1986). In 2009, he was ordained as an Interfaith Minister and in 2015 was ordained as an Interspiritual Minister. He holds a license as an LCSW in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Tom works with individual adults and adolescents, couples, groups and families to improve their functioning in, and satisfaction of, life.

His clinical skills include cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, trauma transformation, clinical hypnosis and EMI (Eye Movement Integration). His spirituality skills include energy work, shamanic practices and spiritual mentoring. Tom crafts his sessions to meet the needs and beliefs of each client, using the skills most relevant to the client’s world view to assist them in discovering and clearing their blind spots and limiting beliefs to live more fully into their potential.

Tom works with individuals with spiritual discontent, anxiety, depression, trauma, gender identity, substance abuse, and stress. His work with couples includes rebuilding trust, communication and co-parenting during and after divorce. His primary focus with families is on “failure to launch” issues with parents and adolescent or young adult children.

Tom does not take payment from third-party providers. When requested by a client, he provides detailed invoices for clients to apply to their insurance carrier for reimbursement for his services as an out-of-network provider. His services are covered by Health Savings Accounts. He provides his services on a sliding scale in cases of financial hardship.

Tom is married with five children. He enjoys camping, hiking, and photography. He is the author of Divine Warrior Training: Manifesting the Divine in Our World available from Innerspark Press. For additional information, visit his website at